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Vizsla Dogs

Our Story

My name is Rosa Witt-Consuegra. I am a microbiologist in my native country, Colombia. After moving to the U.S., I became a Registered Veterinary Technician and have over 14 years of experience caring for small animals in clinical settings. And now I get to enjoy your dogs as their trainer!


As a child, I grew up surrounded by animals at our home and at our farm. I always shared a special bond with dogs, especially because Colombia is filled with stray dogs of all shapes and sizes.  From a very young age, I enjoyed feeding them, helping them, and forming bonds with them.


As an adult, I studied to become a Veterinary Technician with a special passion and focus on dentistry in dogs and cats. And as every person that has worked in a veterinary clinic knows, through my work I have had the opportunity to foster, care for, and own multiple dogs (and cats).


Even though I have always owned dogs, and had managed to successfully train them to be good house pets, it was not until 2020 that things changed for me and my career path. It was then when I started fostering my dog Heidy. She showed some basic rescue dog issues like poor manners and her leash walking skills were non-existent. These were all issues that I felt competent to deal with, but when my family decided to keep her forever the most serious issues started to arise: backyard digging, reactivity, resource guarding and the ultimate betrayal: She bit my daughter!!


I started reading books, watching countless videos, and dove head first into the rabbit hole of dog training. During this time I made contact with an amazing local dog trainer and now friend, who took me under her wing to help me with my dog problems. This soon turned into an internship where I learned countless skills, from puppy raising to basic obedience and complicated behavioral modification protocols. I also became involved in her program to breed and train service dogs for veterans, helping raise them and train them. This all allowed me to get my own dog certified and trained to be my service dog and helper dog for training lessons! Yes, the same dog that bit my kid is now my best trained dog!


During this time, I started taking clients and helping my mentor with her clients. I have continued to further my education and understanding of dog training and its different methodologies at every opportunity. I have put a great emphasis on amplifying the bond between owners and dogs. I gravitate toward helping owners understand the true nature of the dog in front of them so that both they and their dogs can achieve the fulfillment they both crave.


That is how Educated Canine Training was born.  My passion for living our best life with a dog that is happy, stress-free, and fulfilled, is the gift I want to share with all my clients.

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