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We rescued Lucy from the humane society on February 18, 2023. She was 5 months old and had a bite on her record. My husband heard about Rosa and what a great job she had done from a vet colleague. We immediately knew that Rosa was the one during our video conference after she pointed out a few things right off the bat that we were unaware of. During our first in person meeting she was up front about her training qualifications and her experience training with working/aggressive dogs. She wanted us to be sure about our commitment to keep Lucy before we proceeded. We were fully committed. Once training began, Rosa surprised us with the amount patience she has and the knowledge behind her training. We all learned very quickly how food motivated Lucy is and not aggressive at all. We learned and gained so much from our training sessions with Rosa which was a great foundation builder. We are still training Lucy every day even though our sessions ended with Rosa. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for positive reinforcement training.
Thanks a bunch, Lucy, Ruben & Joanna


There is just no substitute for focused one one dog training! Rosa has improved our relationship with our beloved boy so much. Marcelo is our first puppy and it has been much more work than we imagined. We read a puppy training book before bring him home and diligently enrolled in puppy preschool, kindergarten, and canine good citizen during his first couple of years with us. Despite this, we still had lots of room to fine tune our relationship. Rosa focused on our household dynamics and rules and trained us on how to promote positive behaviors and clarify boundaries. The fact that Marcelo can stay on his cot calmly now while the humans enjoy a peaceful dinner is alone worth the price on the training package! His leash walking has improved by leaps and bounds, his recall is almost perfect, and we now have tools to address unwanted behavior. Training sessions with Rosa were always fun and positive and Marcelo loved the mental stimulation and was eager to work. All around, a wonderful and worthwhile investment.
-Paige, Dan and Marcelo 


If you have a dog that you think is "hopeless"?? Send him/her to Educated Canine. I'm convinced that Rosa can train any dog. My "inherited" dog Bella (Havanese/Shitzu mix) was so lovable and cute, but a complete monster. She'd tear up pillow covers, dig up carpet, not to mention peeing and pooping without regard for my belongings. And, she was completely unable to walk on a leash without ripping your arm out of its socket. How could such a cute dog be so unmanagable? Lack of training! She's a smart dog and she's going to do exactly as much as she can get away with. She needed boundaries and a structure for her behavior. Her remedial training helped her start on a new path in life.

Deanna and Bella


Phoenix was a rescue who likely was mistreated prior to our ownership. She didn't respond well at all to stern talking to and 100% not to yelling of any type. After Rosa's training we were able to implement seemingly very basic commands that let PHX know what we wanted and allowed us to enjoy time with her much more. PHX understands the most basic but necessary commands such as come, sit, stay (place) and we are able to now take her on long walks and she obeys commands when prompted.

Adam, Stephanie and Phoenix 


We bought a training package (5 sessions) with Rosa and just finished. From the start Rosa was EXCEPTIONALLY aware of little actions, cues, and triggers that we didn’t realize we were missing (and we both work in the animal field). I was initially sad when some of the early homework included not meeting dogs up close as she noticed he was very reactive and lacked confidence, but she was TOTALLY right. He now smells at a distance and is far happier. When we got our pup he had come from a shelter and had never been leash walked, so she had a lot of work to do. He lacked confidence and often had his hackles up. Rosa has been AMAZING with helping us stepwise to address appropriate goals each session. By about three sessions in we had achieved what we needed him to learn but with the fourth and fifth we fine-tuned and added more. For our final session she helped us learn how to slowly and safely introduce our guy to unfamiliar (to him) dogs that we trust by bringing her dog, and it was great!! We’re soooo thankful for the progress he’s made and while it is thanks to all of our work it would not have been possible without Rosa’s skill and expertise.
Thank you! Sean, Esther, Greg, Connor, and Timon ❤️
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